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Santa Martha Cafe

SMC is a direct importer of Nicaraguan Coffee from a small group of farmers in Santa Martha de Loma Azul, Jinotega, Nicaragua. Because we are a small direct trade importer and deal directly with the farmers they receive a fair market value for their green beans. This is reflected in our pricing and with every bag you purchase you are helping too. We have traveled to the region several times over the years helping to improve their farming practices and education therefore helping to improve their lives. As a Micro Roaster in Omaha, NE we strive to achieve a roasting level that brings out the natural flavor and quality of the coffee beans.


Santa Martha de Loma Azul, Jinotega, Nicaragua

The Santa Martha Project:

-Located 15 miles north of San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua     

-High elevation rainforest


-800 inhabitants

-87 households

-104 families

-100 students up to 6th grade


-Diarrhea, parasites

-Respiratory diseases, especially among children

-Contaminated soils

-Diseased and pest-infested trees and plants


-No clean drinking water

-Poor sanitation

-No electricity

-Hazardous in-home cooking conditions

-Landslides from heavy rain

-Lack of education; illiteracy

-Limited access and long distance to medical assistance


-Growing own food

-Rain water catchment systems, cisterns and distribution lines

-Earthworks for holding water

-Composting toilets and methane digesters

-Simple and inexpensive new cooking stove technology

-Education, training and classes



-Financial donations

-Participation and involvement

-Social networking.


Products with charity in mind.

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