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Our first love would be coffee. coffee started as family love for us, it meant slowing down, sitting, sipping and chatting after supper or church with a sweet treat. Then as we married, making our own family, coffee love expanded to include our community and new friends, but it still meant slowing down, sitting, sipping and learning/loving each other. Now because we have developed this large community around coffee, our love grows to the next stage of loving the farmers, their land and families. 



love grows into passion. We are passionate about coffee, the beauty of the bright-red cherries, the clean smell of green beans, watching the transformation while roasting of those beans, to yellow, to Carmel, to that beautiful coffee color and smell that makes one gasp. Because of this passion, many hours are spent developing flavor profile for each single origin bean to bring out all of that bean's awesomeness. However, before that can happen, we traveled to Nicaragua and expanded our love to include the farmers and the desire to help them get a fair price through educating with better growing, water and rain forest conservation and business practices. 

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love grows passion, and passion opens to the reality of the system. Because coffee is a commodity and grown in parts of the world that are underprivileged the growers, and planet are taken advantage of. We here at SMC are networking with organization that takes this issue up and works on being committed to facing these real-life issues to help change the direction that we have been heading. We are buying trees that get planted in these regions to help with sequestering carbon and reforesting the rainforest. We also source our beans through direct trade or working with import/exports that are transparent with us about their involvement with the farmer. 


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